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Yesterday (April 5) NH Investment and Securities (one of the largest security firms in South Korea), issued a buy rating on one of the oldest, and biggest entertainment companies in South Korea which is YG Entertianment.

According to ALLKPOP’s article, YG Entertainment is growing because of its full-fledged business collaboration with HYBE. They recommended it because of the upcoming comeback of BIGBANG that might take this year or next year. BIGBANG’s latest album was released way back 5 years ago, so a lot of fans are excited if this rumor became true.

YG Entertainment comeback in the scene

NH Investment and Securities researcher Lee Hwa Jung said that

The growth of BLACKPINK’s and TREASURE’s global fandom sales through the collaboration with HYBE and the increase in album sales through BIGBANG’s comeback will be noticeable in the short term. We expect a momentum increase once the conditions of the COVID-19 are eased and BIGBANG and BLACKPINK will be able to resume their stadium tours.

The group TREASURE topped the Oricon album chart upon their official debut in Japan. Assuming that the sales volume of the group’s Japanese album reaching number 1, the sales of the Japanese album will reach 2.5 billion KRW (2.35 million USD) this year.

We forecast YG’s overall sales and operating profit based on the first quarter will be 71.3 billion KRW (63.4 million USD) and 5.2 billion KRW (4.6 million USD) respectively. BLACKPINK had already proven their global fan base with their first online concert ticket sales and Rose’s solo album sales. Also, there is an expected additional growth in global sales once BLACKPINK enters the Weverse shop.

Lee Hwa Jung (NH Investment and Securities), sourced through Allkpop article

For those people in here, Weverse shop is an international store and official merchandise store for fans around the world. All of the products inside the shop is authentic.

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