Lalisa Manoban posted an update on her Instagram account. Yesterday she also hosted an online fan meeting that loved by many Blinks.

However, did you notice the ring that she is wearing in that post? A BVLGARI! Lisa has been a BVLGARI ambassador since December 2020. She mainly wore Serpent Rings

BLACKPINK Lisa Appointed as Ambassador for BVLGARI
An elegant picture of Lisa wearing BVLGARI jewelries

In our recent post, the price of that is $45,000 Euros. That is right! This is the Serpent Ring we researched on the BVLGARI website and its current market price.

Staggering 45,000 Euros for one EARRING

We converted the 45,000 euros in Philippine Peso and this is what we got.

That is a lot of money. 2.5 million PHP! You can even buy a land for that ring. A household that is saving 10,000 pesos per month will get it for 208 years. I wonder if we are still alive by then.

That is a true price of a BVLGARI, and having Lisa as their Global Brand Ambassador is just made it more perfect. With more than 49.5 million followers in Instagram, the company are making tons of profits from this partnership!

And if you are asking what makes BVLGARI valuable, it is because they are using real 18K Gold, platinum, high quality silver and steels for their items. A reasonable price for a perfect craft.

Not the first time Lisa wore a BVLGARI Ring

Previously, she also wore a BVLGARI ring worth $28,000 (roughly 1.4 million PHP).

She wore this Serpenti Seduttori Watch and this is what appears to the official BVLGARI website

Courtesy of BVLGARI website

It is whopping 28,200 euros, which if it is 1.6M pesos! Still expensive though.

Looking at how BVLGARI and Lisa are doing, they will most likely continue the partnership since Lisa gets popular day by day, and instantly got a superstar status in 5 years. You can watch her latest dance video in her Lilifilm Channel here

Lisa is a South Korean member of the girl group BLACKPINK and based in Thailand. She tops the audition in YG Thailand and the only person to be accepted there as a trainee.


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