The anticipated second song of Rose’s solo album “R”, which is previously teased on BLACKPINK: THE SHOW concert will release its own Music Video this April 5. After the successful release of her carrier song “On The Ground”, which tops even the Billboard charts, it is now confirmed that the second song will be releasing a Music Video as well.

A lot of fans are curious about the teaser released in their concert. Some of them are thinking about when it will be released because it is different from “On The Ground”. Finally, after days, they confirmed that they are scheduling to release it this coming April. And now it is confirmed that April 5 will be the official release date of the said Music Video.

Rose’s On the Ground has been so successful as it became the highest-charting release for a female charting artist in history, according to She also tops the Billboard Global 200 Charts for the first time, being played more than 92.1 million times while having Worldwide sales of more than 29,000+.

The second song, titled “Gone”, also reached a massive peak of 25,000 paid downloads while being played more than 19.6 million times. This is by far the biggest achievement of the artist so far in her first solo album.

Roseanne Park or mainly known as Rose is a South Korean member of the girl group BLACKPINK. Her main position is the lead singer of the group. She released her first solo album last March 12, 2021, named “R”. Listen to her latest single here

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