Mimiyuuuh, the Filipino YouTube Creator, has been backlashed by so many BLACKPINK fans regarding her statements in her recent BLACKPINK Vlog last few days ago.

According to its video, she said that Rose’s latest single “On the Ground” is just plain good. A lot of people know that she solo stan BLACKPINK Lisa, she even tried to look like her in her previous YouTube videos. A lot of BLINKS got offended and begin to retrace Mimiyuuuh’s actions throughout her career.

If you will look on her Instagram, she only follows BLACKPINK Lisa. Although it is a freedom for anyone to follow what they want to follow, Blinks got offended by these actions. Some blinks on Twitter also said that she only apologizes to the recent vlog, but on the previous vlog where she targeted Jennie, she didn’t do anything.

Mimiyuuuh channels BLACKPINK's Lisa for a day in new vlog

Mimiyuuuh releases a statement saying ” I deleted the parts that are offensive especially to Rose and her fans. I did not mean to offend anyone! This video was supposedly made purely for entertainment but I overlooked some skits that may upset the blinks.”

She added, “It doesn’t change the fact that I love these girls. I’m so sorry and this will never happen again. Take care and keep safe!”

Mimiyuuuh got popular more as being advertiser at Lazada. She also released a song named “DYWB” which means Drink Your Water B*tch. She is known for saying the famous line “Skrt” and more.

Lisa is a South Korean member of the girl group BLACKPINK and based in Thailand. She tops the audition in YG Thailand and the only person to be accepted there as a trainee. Know more about Lisa here.


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