Lisa sexy photos ranked

BLACKPINK Lisa is one of the most sought models and one of the most influential people in the world. She debuted as a member of YG Entertainment’s girl group BLACKPINK in 2016, and they are killing the game ever since. Known to speak 4 languages and global ambassador of luxury brands, she is indeed the rarest people to ever lived in our planet.

Please take note that the pictures below are not in numerical order. You can rank it based on what you like. And here we go!

Lisa in the classic training uniform

God damn, did you see that kind of abs? Holy guacamole she is so hot!!

Lisa in Adidas uniform

Recently, Adidas had a photoshoot with BLACKPINK as their ambassador. This photo is just released these 2021 and fans are screaming about how well she improved from the last photoshoot with the Brand!!

Lisa classic pose

Can’t you believe that she wore this on her 4th Lilifilm? But I am really envious about her armpit though, how the f*ck it is so smooth and bright! Queen Lalisa indeed.

Mona Lisa Kinda Lisa

Mona Lisa Kinda Lisa got famous for her rap line in the BLACKPINK song “Ice Cream” feat Selena Gomez. You can watch the music video here

Lisa in an elegant dress

Lisa’s definition of perfection is not just when she is just showing her abs, armpits or her body. It is the way how she looks good even in a formal dress. She looks so hot in that elegant dress. It feels like anything that she wear is suited for her

She knows that she is a superstar, and she live like the superstar.

Lisa is a South Korean member of the girl group BLACKPINK and based in Thailand. She tops the audition in YG Thailand and the only person to be accepted there as a trainee. She is worth more than $10 million and one of the hottest KPOP superstars in this generation.


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