• #2 most viewed video on Lisa’s YouTube Channel.
  • She collaborated with Cheshir Ha, her dance choreographer since and was featured in BLACKPINK House
  • Sits at the #1 Trending in the Philippines way back weeks ago

The most trending video of all time just surpassed 50M views today. The title is called “The Movie” by BLACKPINK Lisa. Choreographed by Cheshir Ha, this 1 month dance video created by the KPOP superstar just surpassed 50 million views.

Lisa being a natural dancer

LiliFilm Official, the official YouTube channel of the BLACKPINK group member Lisa Manoban, is now 2 years old and has 11 videos in total. The dance video was choreographed by Cheshir Ha, her dance instructor and long time friend since then. Cheshir was also featured in BLACKPINK House teaching a dance lesson to Lisa.

Take a look on this Dance Performance Video where Lisa’s legs got trending worldwide.

All of the Lilifilm Dance videos was choreographed by Cheshir, making her one of the most sought choreographers not just in South Korea but also in the world. Almost every dance videos created by Cheshir stands out. She also said that Lisa is a natural dancer, being able to pickup every moves easily. Lisa gives also credit to her mentor for helping her out in her videos.

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Watch the other Lilifilm Videos here

BLACKPINK Lisa, who celebrates her upcoming 6th year as a BLACKPINK member, is also rumored to have a single after Rose, which is not yet confirmed yet. Stay tuned for more updates.

Lalisa Manoban who is known as Lisa is a South Korean member of the girl group BLACKPINK and based in Thailand. She tops the audition in YG Thailand and the only person to be accepted there as a trainee. She is worth more than $10 million and one of the hottest KPOP superstars in this generation.


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