The news broke last 3 weeks ago and up to now, YG Entertainment is not confirming the statement about the issue.

Jennie is one of the hottest girls in Korea and member of the girl group BLACKPINK while G-Dragon is the hottest member of the group BIGBANG.

Let’s take a look on the rumored couple’s same clothes that they wear. Is it a coincidence or are they a power couple behind bars.

Jennie of girl group Blackpink attends the Mademoiselle Prive exhibition at Seoul’s D-Museum in June 2017. Photo: WireImage/Getty Images
G-Dragon x Elle Korea for the July 2017 issue. Photo: Elle Korea

G-Dragon while taking a break in the KPOP scene, launches his own fashion brand called “PEACEMINUSONE”

Jennie and G-Dragon wearing the same knit cap. Photo: @_randomBP_/Twitter

Take in mind that both of the artists are Chanel ambassadors, and it is very common for them to wear any item from the company. But take a look at this one, it fits perfectly to them, right?

Jennie and G-Dragon carrying the same Chanel bag. Photo: @_randomBP_/Twitter

I am pretty sure that this Chanel mini flap bag has jumped off the sales with this one because these two celebrities are very popular and hot not just in South Korea but in the world

G-Dragon and Jennie with same Chanel bag. Photo: @_jendragon_/Instagram

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