I am sure you’ve heard the issue way back before when Jennie is reportedly dating EXO member Kai. The news broke out in the world and Jennie is having a huge amount of pressure from the company, from the fans, and even from haters.

Today, Jennie is facing another challenge as she is now linked with BIGBANG’s famous rapper and one of the GOATS in the KPOP industry, G-Dragon. We can’t deny that Dispatch might have some faults regarding the invasion of privacy, however, we should support the artist all the way and just let them have their decisions in life.

Jennie has been a target of bashers including an issue before that she was lazy and not really performing well on the stage.

Let’s just wait for the official statement of the artist regarding this issue (although most likely they won’t speak for themselves), and just continue supporting their music. That is the best thing we could do as their fans.


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