Have you start to wonder if these outfits can be worn by ordinary people. Today, we will check if we can afford it all.

1. Realisation Par The Devon In Flower Power

Total Price: USD $180 (around PHP 8,600)

BLACKPINK Rosé in Realisation Par

Australian brand Realisation Par is behind in this Devon dress. This looks perfect on Rose. Even this sunny dress can be worn at night thanks to her! Wish I was having a wine date with her though. The true fashion queen indeed!

2. Saint Laurent Teddy Jacket in Wool

Total Price: USD $2,133 (around PHP 106,000)


YSL brand? Hell yeah! Honestly, this is the first time to see this kind of jacket. Maybe I am that poor LMAO.

Anyways, this post made by Rose on Instagram just pulls out classic Korean school girl vibes, which suits her! According to the Yves Saint Laurent website, this varsity jacket has “leather trim around the shoulders and striped ribbed collar, cuff, and waistband”

3. Nieeh Sweatsuit Set in Pink

Total Price: USD $205 (around PHP 9,800)

BLACKPINK Rosé in Nieeh

Korean merchandise brand Nieeh is also spotted wearing this oversized sweatshirt. Also, huge props for the photographer as the background looks well, (especially the one in the photo LOL)

4. Jacquemus Alzou Cropped Mohair-Blend Cardigan In Dark Gray

Total Price: USD $320 (around PHP 15,300)

BLACKPINK Rosé in Jacquemus

If I didn’t look twice, I might take her as a mistake as Jennie. Like no cap she looks like Jennie in this kind of posing. Seems like Roseanne Park has a thing for some crop tops. Well if you have a beauty like Rose probably you can wear what you want.

5. VEM.VER Punching Lace Blouse in Black

Total Price: USD $118 (around PHP 5,600)


It is another black and white design worn by Rose and I know you are also amazed at how she fits so much into this picture. Starting from that blue color hair with those perfect skinny jeans and that killer Lace Blouse.

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