BLACKPINK Lisa is one of the hottest superstars of this generation and she continues to get popular and popular each day. Last 10 years ago, she pursued her dream to be an artist in the company as she goes in the audition. At that moment, she is the only one who passed the auditions in Thailand at that time when YG Entertainment host there. She was #1.

After that, she tried her best to make it work as she leaves in South Korea after audition, leaving her home country and start pursuing her dreams as a superstar. She trained in YG Entertainment for more than 5 years, and it is been hard for every people to survive those trainee days. But it is all part of the process, the company is making them formidable and making sure that when they go out there, they are the best version of themselves. And as you see, BLACKPINK is the product of it, and all of the artists have a lot of improvement as well.

Recently Lisa Manoban has been the global ambassador of Celine and BVLGARI. She also just got her 50 million follower milestone in Instagram

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Now she is celebrating her 10th year in YG Entertainment and upcoming 6th year as a BLACKPINK member. Once again, Congratulations Lisa! She really deserve all of the achievements that she has as of today because she worked hard for it.

About Lisa

Lisa is a South Korean member of the girl group BLACKPINK and based in Thailand. She tops the audition in YG Thailand and the only person to be accepted there as a trainee. She is worth more than $10 million and one of the hottest KPOP superstars in this generation.


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