After the issue of Knetz about the recent canceled Korean drama, Joseon Exorcist, they turn their heads into the upcoming JTBC’s Drama titled “Snowdrop”.

What is the apparent reason?

It says that a real-life prominent figure (Chun Young Cho), during Student Protest way back in 1987 in South Korea is similar to Jisoo’s character, who is “Young Cho”. After this apparent issue, JTBC released an official statement that they will change Jisoo’s character name in Snowdrop, even though it is not connected to the said prominent figure. They will change it just because it is been pointed that there are some similarities with it.

The upcoming Korean Drama is scheduled to air in the second half of 2021, faced criticism the last few days after the plot circulated online. There are a lot of people that are raising concerns about a historical fast being distorted as it was said that the setting of it is during the pro-democracy movement. In addition to that, the leading man is a double agent, doing infiltration in the movement and being a team leader in the Intelligence service at the same time.

JTBC already responded to the criticisms saying not to speculate and believe in the false information circulating online especially that the drama series is not started yet. They also emphasized that they won’t deal with the pro-democracy movement and clarifies that the leads of the show do not participate in the said movement.

They also added that the setting of the show is in the 1987 presidential election and not the pro-democracy movement. The company humbly asked the people to stop misleading the public with false information.

Jisoo is a South Korean member of the girl group BLACKPINK that is based in Korea. She is the lead actress in the Korean series Snowdrop.


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