BLACKPINK Jennie diet

BLACKPINK is one of the most successful girl groups not just in South Korea but in the entire world. And of course, they have to be in shape, since they are a KPOP group and they need to perfectly look well not just in performance but their overall physique and shape. Today we will tackle how BLACKPINK member Jennie manages to keep in shape.

BLACKPINK Jennie doesn’t eat salty foods

In her recent interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, she shared that when the other BLACKPINK members are out for some tasty food, she sticks to eating porridge. Jennie added that she is on a no-salt diet. It is hard to eat food that doesn’t have salt, and we have no idea how bad it tastes right? But BLACKPINK Jennie diet has been stricter than before since every head is turning to them as they are 21st generation superstars.

She said that she experience swelling when she eat a lot of foods that are salty, which is the reason why she started this no-salt food approach. She eats Avocado salad on lunch while on dinner she eat some porridge and detox juice.

Jennie do some cardio exercises often

According to SBS Power FM Show, she likes to do cardiovascular exercises (it involves running and sweating) to keep fit. She likes to do Pilates before she eats her breakfast. A lot of BLINKS know this, but Jennie and Jisoo is a fan of flying yogas since 4 years ago (2017), which also helped the superstar to achieve the body that she has today.

Jennie Kim or mainly known as Jennie is a South Korean member of the girl group BLACKPINK. Her main position is Main rapper of the group. She released her first solo album last November 12, 2018, named “SOLO”


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