There have been early reports that the YG Entertainment’s boy group and one of the veterans in the KPOP industry BIGBANG is preparing for a comeback this 2021. It has been 5 years since the boy group has made an album. For those who don’t know, the album has won the Golden Disk Award and the MSN International Award, which is very unusual for the KPOP groups to won since it is more International. It proves how the the fanbase of the boy group is strong internationally.

G-Dragon exclusive interview with DAZED korea reveals that he is working on a new album for the iconic group. As of this moment, that is the only leak that he said into the public and a lot local and international fans are happy about it because after the scandal inside the group over years involving T.O.P and Seungri, they are still going to create a fresh and new music for their fans.

According to, the artists are spending a lot of time creating music and lyrics for the group after the military dischargement.

BIGBANG without Seungri

However in the upcoming album that the group is creating, we can expect that they will just debut as 4 members instead of 5, after the news breakout of Seungri leaving BIGBANG. He left BIGBANG last 2019 and doesn’t plan to go back, having his retirement early.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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