If you are a KPOP fan, I am sure you’ve heard of the 7-year curse. It is a form of contract since most of the K-pop groups nowadays have a 7-year contract, then they have an option to renew it again.

Although it sounds like it’s very easy to renew it but most of the time, groups are disbanding and they prefer to pursue their career on their own. Just take it as an example the GOT7 controversy, where they got disbanded last year.

2NE1, Wonder Girls, 4Minute, and 2AM are the other examples when their contract expires.

Now, who might be the next this year?

1. Red Velvet

Now, this is scary. There are a lot of controversies around their company, SM Entertainment. According to SCMP, there are rumors about SM’s unstable management of the group.

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Also, the contract is gonna expire this coming August, and we both know that when they disbanded, they are not gonna come back. Just take Girls Generation as a good example.


This is the group formed by YG Entertainment last 2014. Some fans believe and agreed that YG didn’t manage this group very well as it is still fresh from the fans about what happened last 2016.

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Taehyun, one of the former members of Winner, leaves the band. It is also a long time already since the group released their new album, and their contract will expire shortly. What will they do?

3. Lovelyz

Lovelyz is the product of Woolim Entertainment. They are very important to the company as they are the first girl group debuted. Since their debut, they are been very consistent in their performance and even have their songs top in the charts.

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A very good example is the song “Ah-Choo”, which helps them to get their first award at the 23rd KCEA (Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards).

4. Mamamoo

I call them titans of the KPOP industry, as this four-member powerhouse made tons of hit songs in their whole 6 years as a group. However these June 2021, their contracts will turn seven, and a lot of people are asking if they are going to stay together or they will go separate ways.

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Time will only tell, let’s just pray for the best as they are a great group.

What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below!

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